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Community Works 30th Anniversary Event!

Check out these photos from Community Works’ 30th Anniversary Celebration!IMG_2405

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Teenage Smoking: A Growing Issue Among Youth

Smoking 1

By: Isabel Thottam, Community Works Blogger

It’s almost impossible to walk through Boston and not pass someone smoking a cigarette. It’s even more impossible to watch a film and not be enticed to smoke, since the majority of movies today portray images of characters smoking. In fact, in 2011, the industry saw a seven percent increase in smoking scenes and top films reportedly contained 1,900 portrayals of tobacco use combined. Even the PG children’s movie, Rango featured controversial smoking scenes, adding to the shocking thirty-six percent increase of smoking scenes featured in PG and PG-13 films. Moreover, the media heavily portrays images of celebrities smoking, which glamorizes the image. As a result, the media creates an added amount of pressure placed on a young audience at a time in their development when they are searching for their own personal identities. Youth begin to behave like the people in advertisements and follow the habits of their peers. What previously was an issue for a much older generation has now started to affect a younger audience, who, on average, start smoking before age 18.

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Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000

A Look at Grassroots Activism & Civic Engagement: Marion Stoddart and “The Work of 1000”

By: Dylan Manderlink, Community Works Blogger

Trailer for “The Work of 1000” Documentary 

Have you ever imagined starting a grassroots movement in your community to create environmental and social change? Have you wondered what it takes to start a movement like that? Activist and mother of three Marion Stoddart committed herself to answering those questions in the early 1960s when she organized an immense citizen endeavor to restore and clean up Massachusetts’ most polluted river. Continue reading

“Fear is a Weapon” – Melodeego

Check out this song by Melodeego featuring Community Works and over 100 other social justice organizations!

Putting Charities to the Test

Learn how to choose your charities this holiday season! Read this New York Times article about donating to the most efficient charities this winter.