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How Climate Change Threatens the Seas

How Climate Change Threatens the Seas


Bill Dewey of Taylor Shellfish in Shelton, Wash., and his colleagues watch oyster hatchery water quality levels carefully to keep plumes of acidic water from eating very young oysters.(Photo: Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures for USA TODAY)

To read this USA TODAY article click HERE.

Immigration Reform: Fixing The Broken System

Each issue of Connections features an in-depth conversation with Community Works member groups.  This quarter, Warren Goldstein-Gelb, Executive Director of the Welcome Project, and Nancy Ryan of American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts (ACLUM), share their thoughtful reflections on President Obama’s State of the Union speech pertaining to immigration reform.

CW:  Do President Obama’s comments about the need for comprehensive immigration reform make you optimistic?

Goldstein-Gelb: It certainly will be positive if undocumented immigrants are no longer treated as criminals in their new communities.  If new legislation makes it possible for immigrants no longer to be the scapegoats of our society’s challenges, it will be a step forward for the culture, and make it possible for immigrant youth, adults, and families to participate more fully and meaningfully. Continue reading

March 2013: The Secret Nonprofits Want Donors to Hear

Check out this TED talk given by activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta about the misconceptions regarding charity spending!

Give Them Shelter: The Crisis for Homeless Children in Massachusetts

This video from the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute depicts Legal Service Partners and Community Allies fighting to protect homeless families in this community. Watch the video to learn more about the issues and ways you can help.

Zambia 2010

Watch this video to learn more about CW member Communities Without Borders and their Zambia initiative!

TRUST Act Rally


Asma Khalid/WBUR

Visit the WBUR website to read about this Immigration Activist rally that took place yesterday at Boston’s State House.


Emerson’s Aim To End Violence Week

Check out these photos from Emerson’s initiative to end violence. For more information about the week long campaign, visit the Facebook page at

429671_440309042705351_1197839489_n Continue reading

Save the Date!


Support social justice in your community! Ticket sales support Community Works member organization of your choice! Buy tickets for the event HERE!

Armenian International Women’s Association Panel


Every year during the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women meeting in New York City, the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY (NGO CSW/NY) organizes a Forum that includes parallel events free and open to the public. This year AIWA is sponsoring a panel discussion at the parallel events on the topic of engaging men in solving the problem of violence against women. Please tell friends and colleagues to join us.

Thursday, March 14 at 2:30pm
The Church Center, 10th floor
777 UN Plaza, New York City

Moderator: Judy Norsigian (Executive Director of Our Bodies Ourselves and board member of AIWA)

Panelists: Craig Norberg-Bohm (Coordinator, Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe, Inc.), Carl Murrell (NGO UN Representative, National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States), and Quentin Walcott (Co-Executive Director of CONNECT) – “Men’s Organizations Engaged in Violence Prevention: Creating Strategies that Work”

Shamita Das DasGupta – “Women’s Group Supporting Men’s Engagement: Examples form the South Asian Community”

Milena Melkonyan – “Advancing Men’s Engagement in Armenia: Prospects and Challenges

For more information on this year’s CSW sessions: It is not necessary to register in order to attend, but because this session is limited to 70 participants due to room size, registering is a good idea.

A Push for Our Generation to be More Environmentally-Aware: A Look at the 8 Week Recyclemania Challenge

By: Dylan Manderlink, Community Works Blogger and President of Emerson Peace and Social Justice


Compost initiatives, plastic water bottle bans, energy & sustainability classes, and environmental justice student organizations are making a big wave in the Emerson College student body. Throughout the past few years, specifically under President Lee Pelton, Emerson has implemented several effective environmentally conscious projects and campaigns that have sparked a much needed conversation on Emerson’s campus. We’ve always been taught to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” and we have learned over time that composting is good for the environment, but why? Student-lead organizations like Earth Emerson and Emerson Peace & Social Justice have begun to inspire an environmental justice discourse in the Emerson community about hot-button environmental issues and significant conservation efforts. Continue reading